Grey's Anatomy-I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me

Is it me or is the title of this week’s Grey’s way too much like that annoying Geico commercial? Still, it was a clever spin on the theme of the episode, paranoia. The patient they focus on is schizophrenic who thinks there are cameras under thea398f098b5ff379e668224356dc47205
exam tables that they want to implant in him. This paranoia is reflected in the doctors, who are all afraid of losing their jobs because of the pending merge between Seattle Grace and Mercy West. I love that all of the shows right now are dealing with the current state of our economy. It makes it so much more real to me that these characters are going through the same struggles as so many of us.
I liked watching the moments between Alex and Izzie where he takes care of her, and reminds her to take her meds. He’s so caring, in his gruff tough guy way. I adore him for that.

I want to see a better storyline with Meredith, something new. I wish they’d just go down to the courthouse and make their marriage official. I really hate the whole post it note thing. At least make it legal! What do you guys think? Also, what do you think about the cuts? Do you think any of the regulars will get the boot?

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