Grey's Anatomy-I Saw What I Saw

294ded2547704df224f3d1df096e6b09I love it when the writers of Grey’s change up the way a show is filmed. One season the showed the end of a rather horrific scene where blood was spraying all over Lexie and she was trying to stop it, and then the show did a Quentin Tarantino and went backwards to tell the story.

Last night’s episode went from present time backwards, but from many different points of view, hence the name, I Saw What I Saw. In this case, they were trying to determine why a patient died, and two board members and the chief of medicine were interviewing all of the doctors who worked on her. It was a great episode with the way it was told.

However, with the absence of George and Izzie, and also Meredith, there was a lot missing from the show. It didn’t have that something that it used to have. Hopefully when Mer comes back, and Izzie as she’s rumored to, things will be ok. Izzie and Alex better patch things up. How weak sauce is it to not talk to your own husband and explain yourself?

Hopefully next week’s episode will show a little less rivalry between the Seattle Grace and Mercy West doctors and a little more spicy Grey’s that I’m used to watching.

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