Grey's Anatomy-Tainted Obligation

2ba06a42a732a1ffbc2fd0d2267def85I loved that Meredith got more face time this week on Grey’s. She is given a tough choice. Her dead beat dad that abandoned her is dying and needs a liver transplant. Lexie is devastated because unlike Meredith, their father was good to her, and a great dad. So despite her misgivings, Mer does the right thing and donates to help him. She tells her dad that he wasn’t there for her, that she doesn’t know what it’s like to have a father, but that she does know what it’s like to have a sister, and so she’s doing this for her. I loved that moment, where Meredith shows love for her sister, and shows that she’s grown as a character.

Izzie is put on a cancer patient case, against Owen’s better judgment. She convinces him to do a risky surgery and the patient dies. It hits close to home for Izzie because she is one of the rare survivors. Owen tells her that she has to learn how to separate herself from when she was a patient to being a doctor again.

*Silly sidenote from me, I absolutely love Izzie’s fuzzy short hair. She pulls it off so well! I know it has sad reminders of her cancer but silver lining ok people?

Christina talking to the chief and saying she wants to be cut from the program if she can’t get the right training was pretty bold. I wonder if she will go all crazy like she did when Burke hurt his hand and start doing procedures on her own. I’m guessing there will be a lot of doctors breaking the rules in an effort to keep their jobs.

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