I Heart October

There are so many reasons to be happy it’s October.

-The Fall season with it’s beautiful leaves and cool crisp days.
-Halloween and all the fun parties to attend, and costume ideas to think about
-Dandy’s Halloween Giveaway (Which I really hope to win, because I can make cupcakes for the annual Halloween Party that my friends T&M host every year). Go sign up for the giveaway, and check out Dandy’s website, Spontaneous Clapping. It’s one of my favorite blogs. I warn you though, do not look at it when you’re hungry. There are way too many appetizing pictures of food on there. It’s torture!

This Halloween D and I have a great costume idea picked out. We’re once again doing the couple costumes because I think they’re a hoot. Hopefully we find everything for the costumes. I’m not going to tell you what it is yet, you’ll just have to be surprised. I will give you a hint though, it has to do with our favorite show, The Office. Care to make a guess?

4 thoughts on “I Heart October

  1. Thank you! When it’s my turn, I’m pretty sure my entire blog will turn into wedding planning central. You’ve been incredible about not focusing solely on the wedding, though I wouldn’t mind if you did!!

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