Jon and Kate's Latest Struggles

Is anyone else sick of hearing about these idiots? I get why they started the show, to help make money and provide for their ridiculous amount of kids. They racked in the money and then watched as their marriage collapsed on national television. Now Jon has emptied the bank account and left Kate with a thousand bucks to live off of. Now she’s on the Today show with her sob story about not knowing what she’s going to do, and how she can’t pay her bills, and she’s probably already looking for dental care discounts and other hand outs for the kids. I agree that Jon has been a real sleazebag lately, but isn’t there money set aside for the kids since THEY are the ones who earned it? I’m sure there is legal action she can take. Plus when they were going through this divorce stuff, didn’t she set some money aside?
It just bugs me that they’ve gotten so out of hand with their spending, that she doesn’t know if she can pay her bills? Come on, you make MILLIONS. I don’t feel sorry for this woman, who is too busy going on every talk show on the planet, exploiting her kids on tv, and not willing to let go of the golden paycheck when enough already. The kids need the cameras out of their face. I don’t care if Kate decides to have her own talk show (which will eventually bomb after the hype fades out), but take those poor kids off the air. I’m glad the show is temporarily on hold, let’s hope it’s permanent.

INFphoto_994690_fullI love how now Kate is all high fashion, and blackberry weilding. The money was for the kids, right?

INFphoto_1032633_fullAnd this guy. How he got so many nannies, 20 somethings to sleep with him I’ll never know!

2 thoughts on “Jon and Kate's Latest Struggles

  1. Have you SEEN the preview for Paranormal Activity?! I didn’t even make it through the previews and I totally thought of you. I’m freaked out just from watching the 30 seconds I did. Ugh, why do I do that to myself?

  2. Oh I don’t think I could watch it. I’m such a chicken! Like I said, I can only read scary books, but even then, I’m like Joey on Friends and putting them in the freezer when things get too freaky! 🙂

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