The New Reading Room

Have I mentioned that since we moved we have an extra bedroom? I’m so excited about it. We don’t have it all fixed up yet, because it’s been the place we shoved all the crap while trying to sort through the rest of the house.

Between midterms, social obligations, work, and getting the rest of the house situated there just hasn’t been time to work on it. I did manage to clear a spot so I could take a picture of the work in progress. IMG_6606

Not so bad at first glance right? It’s got a love seat, with the book shelf full of my favorite books to curl up with. Little reading lamp, kind of fun and relaxing right?


Oh right…there’s all the junk! I managed to hang up that painting plus a map of the US last night. I still have to sort through those bags and find a decent filing cabinet. This is also going to be the office, in addition to the reading room/the project room, and the whiskey bar. Yes…whiskey bar. D rolled in his kitchen island (which won’t fit in our kitchen) and put his different alcohols on it, and annouced that he’ll have poker nights in here at the table, and be able to serve his guests at the bar. I think it’s actually kind of cute, and I’ll post pictures when that’s all organized. But in reality, I’m betting it’s going to be the reading room, 90% of the time. 🙂

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