Almost Christmas Season

Is it just me or has the “Holiday Season” started up ridiculously early this year? I try to avoid malls around Christmastime, so I do all my holiday shopping early, and normally online. The few times I have set foot in a mall, I was horrified to see that Christmas decorations were up in September!! I love Christmas, but I don’t like it when it starts too early. That’s what makes it so special-the anticipation!

christmas_market_6I have a rule (well almost a tradition) not to decorate until after Thanksgiving. Because I do love Christmas decorations so much, I usually decorate the day after Turkey day. I figure it’s the perfect day because I typically have work off anyhow.

I really love the Christmas season-from the holiday photo cards I get from friends, to the twinkling Christmas lights outside. It’s a time to get together with people we love. A time to celebrate, and just be cheerful. It is not a time to go broke shopping for presents, or to stress out about gift giving. Since when did the holidays turn into that? Isn’t it sad? So I’ve tried to make it a point to give heartfelt gifts, or make my gifts. That way it’s fun, and not a chore.

I can’t wait to walk around our new neighborhood and check out the suburbs decked out with all the holiday trimmings. There is just something about this season isn’t there? I love the clothes, the food, the decorations, and spending time with those close to me.
What are your favorite things about Christmas?

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