Brothers & Sisters-Pregnant Pause

Brothers & Sisters has been so intense lately. I haven’t even blogged about it because so much has gone on, it’s too much to write about. But this episode really got to me and I have to write about it.

3973d3f89077f9698c89c250a476f467Rebecca is pregnant, and she kept it from Justin. It’s so ridiculous because the two of them are so immature. I guess they’re the typical twenty-somethings, but it just boggles my mind how they can be so stupid sometimes. They don’t talk about their feelings to each other, they just blow up and spazz out. Justin fails his medical exams, and lies about it instead of leaning on Rebecca for support. All I can say is I’m so glad I have the kind of relationship I have with D. We don’t keep those kinds of secrets. He’s my best friend and he’s the first person I would run to if I were in Rebecca’s shoes.

I do like that he was finally there for her, but I’m mad that he didn’t fess up about his grades. Now he’s going to become more and more stressed out, and they’re going to fight like crazy.

In other news, I’m sad that Sarah’s hunky piece of Frenchman broke up with her. I don’t blame him though, she was pretty horrible to him. And I really hope her intuition about Nora’s relationship is wrong. It’s about time they let her be happy!

I do love that this show is about messy relationships, and that everything isn’t all sunshine and roses. But sometimes I want to see them have the happy moments. At least Kitty seems to be surviving her cancer so far. That was a heartbreaking moment when the family found out. I found myself crying like a fool right along with the rest of the Walkers.

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