Cougar Town-The Hunky Neighbor


Instead of recapping the latest episode of Cougar Town, which opens with Jules have a sex dream about her neighbor Grayson, let’s focus on Grayson. He is such a hunky piece of man meat! Yum. lrg-9241-josh-hopkins-cougartown-03

Grayson is played by Josh Hopkins. I first got my actor crush on Josh when he guest starred on Private Practice. He was a total sleaze ball then, but still hot. Now he’s kind of charming in his bachelor way in Cougar Town. He tries to pretend he loves being the sexy new divorcee, but you can tell he’s kind of lonely. I’m not sure if he’s the kind of guy you’d say yes to if he gave you certified diamonds if you know what I mean, but he is a hottie. I wonder if the writers will have Jules and Grayson hook up. I almost hope not, since he is such a playboy. Still…that would be one steamy scene wouldn’t it?

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