How I Met Your Mother-Bagpipes


HIMYM is a show that keeps getting better. This week’s episode started out with the cast using bagpipes instead of a naughty four letter word. It was their special brand of humor, and reminded me of the Christmas episode where they replaced the word bitch with the word Grinch.

So Robin and Ted’s new neighbors “play the bagpipes together” all the time. Ted’s ready to show them the exit signs and send them packing. It was a great episode opener!
The rest of the episode centers around Barney having “new couple smugness”. I love this show because it’s so true, they focus on real things that happen in relationships.
Barney convinces Marshal that it’s a problem that Lily asks Marshal to wash the dishes right after he dirties them, instead of leaving them in the sink. I cracked up at this, because I’m the exact same way. I hate when dishes sit in the sink!
So Marshal is an idiot and listens to Barney’s advice about standing up to Lily and telling her to wash the dishes herself. Marshal does it, and oh guess what? It backfires, of course!
But it doesn’t actually backfire because of Barney’s advice, Marshal actually screws it up completely. Then it snowballs into fight spinoffs, which cracked me up even more. Have you ever had a fight with your significant other and it turned into a fight about all kinds of things, and not really at all about what you started the fight about?
So Marshal and Lily keep fighting, and Robin and Barney act more and more love-y dove-y until Ted realizes that it’s just a big cover up for the fact that they fight all the time.
I’m loving this show just as much as I did when it first started. It’s actually way better than whiney Ted last season. I have to say though, where is Ted lately? They haven’t had any big moments with him. It’d be nice to see the show focus on him a little bit more, and I don’t know…maybe the MOTHER?!

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