How I Met Your Mother-The Playbook

himym_theplaybook200Barney is back in all his original chauvinistic pig glory! Being newly single, he’s pulling out all the stops to get girls. He even shows the gang his Playbook. Leatherbound of course. The gang leafs through it, and Ted discovers there’s a play called “The Ted Mosby” which goes, “I got left at the altar”. Ted tries it, and it works! He isn’t sure whether or not to be happy about this.

While the group is looking through the playbook, Barney comes into the bar looking like scuba guy there to clean out spa filters. It turns out it’s an elaborate play called “The Scuba Diver” in which Barney tricks his friends into helping him get the girl at the bar.

It was classic Barney, and I loved how much thought he put into his plays. At the same time, it was kind of a cheap shot how he wasn’t sad about ending things with Robin, and it seems like the writers are just calling the entire Robin/Barney relationship a big mistake. Makes you wonder if they’ll come back to it. I don’t know if I want that or not.

The playbook parts were not the best part of this episode for me. The best parts were Ted and Marshal teasing Robin about how she’s going to find someone. It’s that theory, “you find someone as soon as you stop looking” and it’s so true. Again what I love about HIMYM is how they incooperate such real world dating experiences. The second you stop looking is when you find someone. Robin keeps denying it, and the Ted and Marshal jokes keep on coming. Robin says she’s going to throw herself into work, and of course, cue hunky coworker. Although in this case I found him to be less than attractive, but maybe that’ll work for Robin. Now if only we can get Ted to stop looking so he’ll meet the mother already!

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