How I Met Your Mother-The Rough Patch

himym_rough_patch_5At first I was OK with Robin and Barney dating, but then they just starting getting lame. I’m glad the writers wrote this latest episode, the Rough Patch, because it points out what happens to two people not meant for each other. Barney and Robin started to let themselves go, and instead of having fun adventures together, it became talks about taking a trip or staying in and watching Legend wait for it, softhe fall, Legends of the Fall!

It was pretty funny watching Barney in the fat suit eating food the way he used to chase women, with wild abandon. And as for Robin, I really don’t think they had to work hard to make her look bad. I just don’t think Robin is pretty. I think she’s a bit of a cow. Luckily by the end of the episode both Robin and Barney realize that it’s more than a rough patch, and they aren’t meant for each other.

Hopefully now the writers will focus a bit more on poor Ted and his quest to find his mate. And I missed Barney and his antics. Here’s hoping next week’s episode will get back to the good stuff that makes How I Met Your Mother such a good show. Even though this wasn’t the best episode, I still cracked up at Marshal, Lily and Ted in the stake out wagon. “A van would have been too expensive!” Ted, you’re as frugal as I am, and I love that about you!

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