LOST-Wow I've Been Missing Out

My cousin tried to tell me that LOST was a great show. After watching the first episode, I realized just how right he was. I’ve been making my way through the first season, and I’m kind of glad I waited to watch this show. I don’t have to wait for the next episode. I think that would have been so frustrating, since every episode leaves such cliffhangers.

Watching this show about plane crash survivors makes me wonder how I’d do in a situation like that. I’m pretty sure I would never sleep, especially after people started getting kidnapped and getting killed. I’d be praying there were sleep pills among the wreckage just so I could get some rest. But seriously, if I ever were in a survivor situation, I think I would actually rise to the challenge. At least I wouldn’t be as whiney as that girl Shannon. God she’s annoying! Who would have thought one plane would have so many people with such crazy back stories? But then again, that’s what makes the show so intense.

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