New Moon-Movie Review

Last night we braved the crowds and watched New Moon on opening night. The critics had nothing but bad things to say about this movie, and since it was my least favorite book in the series, I was prepared to agree with them. I’m happy to say I was pleasantly surprised, and I really enjoyed the movie. The bigger budget was evident in the second film, and I think they did an amazing job on the special effects. I thought the werewolf phasing was seamless, and I liked the new way the vampires moved.

Of course there were emo parts to the film, and laughable mopey dialogue. But overall the director stayed true to the book, and anything that was added only enhanced the movie, rather than take away from the story. The only complaint I would say was the lack of explanation about the werewolves. There wasn’t any mention of their incredible healing powers. When Jacob fights Embry in the book, he gets huge cuts from his claws. But he doesn’t need to go to Blue Cross NC because they heal within minutes. I’m sure they’ll explain that part of the story better in the next film, when the werewolves are involved in a battle.

I have one confession to make as well; I’ve always been on Team Edward, but in this movie, it was TOUGH. Jacob was downright gorgeous, while Edward looked like a strung out Heroin addict.edward-jacob09-11-8

I think it was part of the story, to show how Edward’s leaving Bella caused him so much pain, but still. He looked awful! Not at all the sexy hunk he was in the first movie. I can only hope he hits the gym before the next film, or else I might have to switch to Team Jacob. Sorry Edward!!

All in all, it was a great movie, and I’m really pleased with the casting most of all. Dakota Fanning was perfect as the deliciously evil Jane. And Alice once again stole the show with her quirky and adorable persona. I can’t wait for the next movie, my favorite of the series.

Did anyone else see the movie? What were your thoughts?

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