The Da Vinci Code-Audio Book Review

I have to say I was pretty disappointed in this book. I waited a long time to read The Davinci Code, and I was hoping for something more spectacular. Maybe it was the reader’s voice that just didn’t appeal to me. I’m going to take my friend’s advice and read (listen) to Angels and Demons. I was told that book is a lot more exciting.
For me, the Da Vinci Code was interesting, but the dialog was lacking. I liked the idea of this secret society holding onto an ancient secret, and these two people going all over Europe trying to solve the clues and uncover the secret of the Holy Grail. That part I liked. But the dialog about the clues, where Robert Langdon just keeps repeating the clues outloud over and over again, I wanted to throw the CD out the window! I guess it was author Dan Brown’s way of letting the reader know that Langdon was trying to work through the clues, but it could have been done in a less repetitive or drawn out fashion.
Spoiler alert!!!
I just have to say that what is uncovered about Sir Leigh Teabing just seemed weak at best. Leigh was this rich eccentric, who probably owned fancy orlando villas in addition to his many other homes in Europe. He did not fit the bill of an insane killer. I thought having the detective being the killer would have made for a much better climax to the story. But I guess that was the twist that Brown was trying to get through.

Then there is to controversy over what the Holy Grail represents. This I liked, this idea that history isn’t what so many people believe it to be. I might have to do some more research on the Holy Grail, and the Priory of Sion. Even if none of it is accurate, the idea of a secret is just plain cool.

Did anyone out there read The Da Vinci Code? What was your take on it? And, is the movie worth watching?

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