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Boy the people over at ABC sure do love the actors from LOST. Not that I blame them, for they are all awesome. There are a few familiar faces in the new series V, and it’s hard to get used to seeing them without dirt all over their faces.morena-baccarin-v-tv-series-promo-mq-02

V is about alien ships coming to Earth, and calling themselves “The Visitors”. They say they’re here for peace, always, but there’s something fishy behind their peaceful and attractive exteriors. They want something from humans, and they are determined to get it. What that is we don’t know yet. Newscaster Chad Decker starts to see that they aren’t all they seem when he is granted an exclusive interview with the V’s leader, Anna. She says she doesn’t want him to ask any questions that would, “portray them in a negative light.”

Then FBI agent Erica discovers that these Vs have been living among humans for years. She learns they aren’t all peace and hope like they would like the world to believe.
Together with Father Jack (funny that Erica teams up again with a guy named Jack, just like on LOST!) she learns that her partner was a V in disguise. What’s confusing is that the Vs look exactly like humans, and the only way to tell they’re real is to cut them open. It’s not quite as cheesy as that show Dark Angel, where the soldiers all had barcode scanner tattoos on their necks. The Vs actually have reptilian bodies, but they cover it with a human exoskeleton type thing.
I’m still undecided about the show, but I’m interested. I love a good conspiracy, and let’s face it, even though he’s a Father, Jack is a total hottie!

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