Vanishing Acts-Audio Book Review


I’m a fan of Jodi Piccoult and her books about heavy issues and when life turns your world upside down. This one…while I liked it, I had my issues with it. It was definitely not my favorite Piccoult book.

The book is about a woman who spends her life helping to find missing persons. Then one day her father is arrested for kidnapping her as a little girl. It turns out that he took her away from her mother, then lied to her and said she had died.

Parts of the story were really good, and they had me hooked. Such as why her father did it, and whether or not he had good reason. The side story about the love triangle between her and her fiancee and their best friend was completely lame. I hated that the main character Delia cheats on her fiancee, and then has the nerve to justify it. Then there is Piccoult’s weird obsession with writing about molestation all the time. In the other book I read by her, I could see why it was necessary, but in this one it just made it disturbing. Maybe that’s also the intrigue of her books, and for me I just wasn’t in the mood for it. She isn’t afraid to write about the tough subjects, the things no one wants to talk about. But I think I just prefer a book with a happier quality to it.

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