How I Met Your Mother-Last Cigarette Ever

In this episode, we finally see Ted’s kids again. It’s great to see the look on their faces as Ted reveals that not only did Aunt Robin smoke, but the entire gang. Barney has a classic “I’m not a smoker” speech in which he says the only smokes when he’s with Germans, post coital, coital, and pre-coital. Then Ted says, “So why are you smoking now?” to which Barney says, “I’m always pre-coital Ted”. Love that quote!

It’s so true of smokers though, everyone who has been a smoker always says, “this is the last cigarette ever!” The gang decides to quit together and they all support each other, which lasts about five minutes. Lily develops a creepy smoker voice that’s hilarious; she sounds like she’s possessed.

Ted’s speech at the end is the best part though, when he talks about when everyone really has their last cigarette. For Lily, it was when she started trying to get pregnant, for Marshal it was when their son was born, and for Ted, it was two weeks after he started dating his future wife. And he never looked back. 🙂 Great episode! Those speechs of Ted’s are my favorite.

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