How I Met Your Mother-The Window

The window of opportunity is a great philosophy. It cracks me up because it’s so true of the serial monogamous. So many girls have such a brief window of being single before they jump into another relationship. For Ted, there is a girl he went to college with who is the “perfect girl next door”. The only problem is he always missing his window of opportunity before she starts dating someone else. This time he doesn’t miss it, and asks her out right after her latest breakup. Unfortunately he has to teach a class that night, and he asks Marshal and Lily to keep an eye on her.

Marshal and Lily take it way too seriously and start to creep out poor Maggie. Meanwhile Barney takes the Overall Challenge. Marshal’s mom has been himym-the-windowsending him tons of his old childhood things, and in that box was his old pair of overalls that he wore all through high school. Barney takes the challenge that he can get a woman to sleep with him even looking ridiculous in stone washed overalls.

Back in Ted’s class, he ends up having a heart to heart with his students about the idea of him being ready for a relationship. The students end up giving him advice and it’s all very classic HIMYM hilarity.

Meanwhile in the bar while Marshal, Lily and Maggie talk about their career dreams, Marshal realizes he sold out to the corporate world and leaves to go quit his job. Lily has to run after him and leaves Robin to watch Maggie and make sure no guys hit on her. Robin ends up trying to distract a coworker of Maggie’s and ends up throwing herself at him in the most awkward, cringe worthy way. Then Barney hones in and tries to steal her. Ted, Barney and the coworker start arguing over her and Robin sends Maggie home. They all race to her apartment, only to discover the ultimate girl next door ran into her old guy next door.

Ted realizes through the whole Maggie experience that he’s ready for a relationship again, and wants to find that real love he’s been waiting for. I knew Maggie wasn’t going to be the mother because he told us a few episodes back that the mother was one of his students. As much as I love this show, I’m dying for them to fast forward to the mother!

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