Scrubs 2.0

I’m so happy Scrubs is back for another season! Now it’s not the same ol’ Scrubs we knew and loved, but it is still hilarious. I loved the beginning where they explain why the janitor leaves. Turk is talking to him while he is mopping up the floor tiles in the hospital and the janitor asks him when JD is coming back. When Turk says never, the janitor throws down his mop and leaves. It’s pretty funny. Of course hardcore fans can find the janitor on the new ABC show, The Middle.
I loved how they showed Elliott all cute and pregnant at the beginning of the pilot. I wish she would continue to be on the show, but I know the writers are trying to ween us off of the old cast members and take us into the new version of Scrubs.
My only complaint so far is they haven’t discussed Carla at all. Even if they couldn’t get the actress to come back on the show, couldn’t Turk scrubs2.0mention her and that she was home with their children? It just doesn’t make sense. Hopefully she’ll have a few guest spots in new episodes to come.
I love the show now, with Turk and JD still involved, but what will it turn into when they leave? I think the new characters just may be able to hold their own. It will never be as good as the original Scrubs, but it sure beats watching crappy reality tv!

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