Seinfeld Episodes = Real Life

I can’t tell you how many times over the past few weeks it’s felt like D and I were stuck in an episode of Seinfeld. The lastest example has been with D and his new job. He has to go in for pre employee screening drug testing, which is no problem. Last night however, I made my Granny’s famous poppy seed chicken while the grandfolks were in town. We even joked around over dinner saying, “well I hope you don’t have that drug test soon because of these poppy seeds” and sure enough, he has to test today! Ha! But I think it should be just fine. There weren’t that many, and he did tell them he ate poppy seeds with dinner last night. Still, I can’t help but picture Elaine when she has the drug test, and her boss thinks she’s on drugs. “Damn you poppy seed muffin!!”

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