The Accidental Husband-DVD Review

the-accidental-husbandAnd I thought The Ugly Truth was bad! I’m so disappointed in this movie. I wanted to see it because it has Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) from Grey’s Anatomy. You remember him? He was adorable on that show. He’s fairly adorable in this movie, but the content of the story was cringe worthy. Once again, no chemistry between the two lead actors. Uma Thurman is one of the most unattractive women in movies, and this was no exception. Also, Colin Firth (I love him!) was in this movie, but he played a bit of an ass. I just can’t believe Colin to ever be the one not chosen in a romantic comedy. They should have picked someone else.

The main plot of the story is that the main character, Emma (played by Uma) is a relationship expert and has her own radio show. Patrick (Jeffrey Morgan)’s fiancee Sophia calls Emma’s show, and gets relationship advice. Emma advises her to call off the wedding, thus breaking Patrick’s heart. To get back at her, Patrick turns to his tech savvy neighbor, who hacks into the city’s database and makes it so that Patrick is married to Emma. How on earth this benefits Patrick, I still don’t get.
So then of course she turns up to the courthouse to get her marriage license and can’t because she’s already married. Cue predictable meltdown here. Then she finds Patrick, and he pretends not to know what it’s all about. He also acts incredibly weird, and ends up wooing her. He acts like he just won a trip to disney world, not just met the woman who ruined his life. There should have been more conflict between the two main characters. There are no real angry remarks, he never shows that he hated her guts. It’s basically a sappy story of him falling for her (she’s an uptight bitch pretty much the entire movie, so it’s pretty unbelievable) and she falls for him. The story just isn’t good. I’m disappointed once again by the romantic comedy genre. Come on people, I know you can do better than this!

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