The Vampire Diaries

I wasn’t going to start watching, I told myself I wouldn’t, but now I’m hooked. I actually think I like some of the plot lines a bit more than Twilight (I know traitor right?) I’m only a few episodes in but it’s a great show.

There’s Stefan, the sexy vampire that’s good. He’s very similar to Edward. But then throw in his brother Dameon and it spices things up a knotch. Dameon is a bad boy in the worst way. He’s wrecking havoc on the town by feeding on its inhabitants. Stefan is trying to stop him, but he’s hard to keep up with. Dameon makes you say what is adhd compared to his constant change of mind and need for entertainment. Unfortunately his need results in the death of the townspeople.

Then there’s Elena the “bella” of the diaries. I love that she’s strong, unlike Bella. She even says “I’m not going to let my world fall apart over some boy.” I love that!

This show is a lot more graphic than the Twilight books or movie, so sometimes it’s scary. It’s also a lot more steamy than her PG books. That can be good and bad about the series. I love the Twilight books, so I guess it’s kind of unfair to compare the two. The show is great because we’ll get more vampire moments, but the books are great for allowing us to use our imagination.

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