Grey's Anatomy-I Liked You Better When You Were Naked

This entire episode was so eerie to me because it hit so close to home. The theme was choosing your career or love. Yang was of course advocating surgery over love any day of the week. Grey said why can’t you have both? Throughout the episode we see a patient come in who is a singer, who might have his lung removed. He pleads with the doctors, saying he’d rather die than not be able to sing. He says it’s who he is.

Last night D and I had a deep discussion about his career dreams. He wants to join the Coast Guard, either through OCS to become an officer, or he’d even be willing to go enlisted. I was horrified, because when I said yes to his proposal, I never thought it would mean giving up my life as I knew it. So we talked and talked, and I felt so hurt, because I thought he was choosing his career over love. At the end of our discussion he said, “Don’t you see though? I would never say yes if you weren’t on board. I wouldn’t risk losing you. I would choose you over the career. That’s why we’re talking about this.”

Back to the show. Cristina tells Teddy she would trade Owen for surgery. She says she’s not going to apologize for choosing her gift over a man. Teddy does the right thing and tells Owen.

Shocking twist was for Izzie and Alex. I’ve been waiting for them to patch everything up, and instead Alex tells Izzie he’s happy she’s ok, and he’s happy she got a new job in Tacoma, but he wants her to go and not come back.

Owen confronts Cristina and tells it like it is. “You think nothing else matters. People matter, we do matter. You don’t get to toss me aside. I won’t let you.” They kiss, I cry. It was a good moment.

Meredith and Derek have conflict because he turns the chief in. She feels that he chose surgery over love.

So that brings me back to my life. I’ve been researching Coast Guard careers on my Acer Aspire and trying to figure out if this is something I can get on board with. I want to be like Meredith. I don’t want D to have to choose career or love. Even though he says he won’t choose career, I don’t want him to suffer. I just keep hoping there is a civilian alternative. We’ll just have to see…

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