Grey's Anatomy Private Practice Crossover

Last night’s Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice crossover had me feeling sorry for Adison for the first time ever. Sure she’s an adulterous with loose morals, but she seems like she wants to change that. And here she was, getting excited about Mark Sloan and his proposal of moving to LA to be with her. I felt so bad for her when he says he’s sorry and that it was all just because he’s broken hearted over Little Grey. You can’t blame Adison for trying. Mark Sloan is so steamy he makes the furnace filter melt. But her friends did try to warn her, especially Sam.

I just hope the writers aren’t dumb enough to try to put Sam and Adison together. That would be wrong on so many counts. Don’t do it writers!!

The breakup between Cooper and Charlotte stunk. I can’t believe some of the horrible things he said to her! Charlotte is right-Cooper is an insensitive cold hearted jerk.

So back to Grey’s Anatomy, which I felt was sort of a lackluster episode. Anyone else agree? I was sad that Sloan and Little Grey broke up, but I do understand it to a point. Still, Lexie had no right to kiss Alex! I was so proud of Alex for saying he doesn’t really bet sex for surgery time, and I thought he was just going to go home and be a nice guy. Instead he makes out with Lexie, possibly more?

Yes, Izzie sucks for running out on their marriage, but you fix it. You don’t make out with Little Grey! Grrr. So much dysfunction in that place. I’m so glad I don’t work there!

I was pretty stunned by Cristina’s response to her cardio god when she said all she wants is Owen. “Take him!” I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but I was. That was probably the only storyline of Grey’s that I really enjoyed. It was good to see Cristina thriving again.

Did you catch the crossover? What did you think of it?

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