Jason and the Argonauts-DVD Review

I watched this movie forever ago, when I was a little kid. Last night D decided to watch it on Netflix streaming, and I was cracking up. They need to make fun movies like this, where gods appear with harp music playing, and giant statues come to life and chase people down for stealing their gold. It was nice to take a break from the wedding planning last night and just watch a silly movie.

I’m amazed at how much stuff there is to do before getting married. I knew I had to reserve the venue, get the cake, photographer, stuff like that. I didn’t realize it would be a good idea to get wedding insurance quotes in addition to all the other stuff. But I will feel better if I have some insurance, since who knows what could happen, and this wedding crap is a bit cha-ching!

Back to the movie-I won’t say I was riveted, but it was fun to watch. A good ol’ classic, with Greek Mythology and men running around in skirts and no shirts. A definite B movie in my book, for a little weeknight entertainment.

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