The Vampire Diaries-Unpleasantville

The lastest episode of The Vampire Diaries was set with a 50s style theme because of the high school theme dance. Elena goes with both Stefan and Damon to try to keep the peace. I love her comeback to Damon when he asks her to dance. “I’d love to” she says and she turns to Stefan and they flit off, Stefan with a smug smile of victory on his face.
In this episode we learn that there is not one new vampire in town but three. The Salvatore brothers succeed in destroying one vampire who is out to kill Elena, but they are unaware of the other two.
Here’s where I’m confused. The sexy new teacher Alaric (who makes careers in teaching all the more appealing) knows the Salvatore brothers are vampires. He has a ring that he wears…but I still can’t figure out if he’s a vampire or not. Maybe I missed something in a previous episode.
We also learn that he used to be married to a girl named Isabelle, who was killed by Stefan. Isabelle just happens to be the name of Elena’s birth mother. Hmmm…
Here are the questions I have, hopefully to be answered in the next few episodes:
Is Alaric a vampire? Will he be staying on the show even though he’s just a guest star now? (pluhhhlease he’s way hotter than the others) Is Elena a descendant of Catherine’s? If so does that mean she could also be related to Stefan, as in their offspring? Or does that make this just way too much of a soap opera? 😉
Despite it’s cheesiness, I can’t wait to watch the next episode!

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