2010 Winter Olympics

I don’t like to watch sports, I like to play them, with one exception, the Olympics. I like both summer and winter, but winter is definitely my favorite. I think it takes me back to a time when I was a little girl and I loved the figure skaters. They were so beautiful in their sparkly, flamboyantly gay costumes, leaping through the air and gliding over the ice. And the couples skaters, especially ones that were dating or husband and wife! My little romantic heart would soar watching them. The glamor has faded a little bit as I get older, but part of me still loves watching them.
I am also getting into the other winter sports, including the crazy trick skiiing. The way they zoom down the mountains. Wow!
So with all the cool sports to watch, can I just bitch for a minute about the horrible coverage that NBC is doing? Why are they airing everything at odd hours, and then when prime time hits I see fluff pieces about polar bears instead of the actual sports? Don’t get me wrong, I love me some polar bears, but come on. At least their website has almost everything posted to re-watch. But is it so much to ask that when we tune into the olympics it’s not 50 minutes of some guy blabbering about what went wrong during the opening ceremony. WHO CARES?! Oh, and PS all this Olympics watching really makes me motivated to find some sort of fat burner program that works. I guess if my job was to train non stop I’d be looking pretty fantastic too.
One more thing about the Olympics-those damn commercials. They are such tear jerkers. I know I’m a sap, but who didn’t get a little teary eyed watching this one? It still gets me, sniff.

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