Grey's Anatomy-The Time Warp

Hmmm…it was a decent episode I suppose. I really liked the Bailey and Richard stories, but I wasn’t a huge fan of Callie’s. I mean, it was amazing what she did for that poor patient with the messed up legs. Just looking at how they were twisted caused me some joint pain. But Callie and Alex? Seriously? These flash back episodes cause nothing but loop holes. Oh, and would she really tell that part to the audience during her speech? I also didn’t like the forced stage fright. She’s not that awkward.

I do like Derek as Chief-he’s making a lot of positive changes at Seattle Grace. Hopefully Richard takes Derek’s offer to go back to being a general surgeon. Didn’t he like that job better anyways? Oh, and whatever happened to his wife Adel? I’m so confused by that. Did they end things? I feel like it was never mentioned.
And will someone please tell me if Izzie is coming back or not? Her just running away was kind of weak. Though I did read an old interview with her and David Letterman. Katherine Heigl is a bit of an ungrateful brat if you ask me. This show MADE her. She should be honored to be part of it. Even if it’s not nearly as great a show as it used to be. I miss Burke…
I’ll still be watching the show til the end though, because despite its flaws, it’s still entertaining. Hopefully the show won’t go the way of Friends. The first five seasons being awesome, and then it just tanked. I’m still waiting for a resurrection of Grey’s back to its original glory.

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