How I Met Your Mother-Rabbit or Duck

Last night’s HIMYM was funny, but I was frustrated. Ted gives Marshall and Lily the green light to set him up for an “arranged marriage”. He says he’ll let them pick someone for him, and if he likes her, he will MARRY her. But instead of getting excited, which they totally should have, they forget about it, and then find him a random hottie cast off by Barney at the last minute. WTH?

The Marshal and Lily I know would have jumped at the chance to set up Ted, to control who will be with them on The Porch. But instead they just shrugged it off. Weak sauce.

And what happened to the student that Ted met? I thought they were going out on dates? I’m so confused! Did I miss an episode where they explained that? I think I need to go back and re-watch a few.

I did like Robin’s story and the whole rabbit versus duck theory. Personally I’m with Robin and Ted, Duck is the best. Maybe that’s because I always tell D I like his duck butt (because it’s cute). Either way, I like the theory behind it. You may see someone at first and you look at them one way, but then eventually, they look like something else, and you realize you’re into them. And Marshal is right, she’s going to marry her coworker’s butt off. 😉

I liked Barney’s little side story with being obsessed with his phone and the calls. I was so excited to see his little promo at the superbowl, and I loved how they tied it into the show. Freaking brilliant!

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