Olympics = Reruns

So I guess because of the Olympics we’ve got reruns going on this week. I suppose that’s OK (if the coverage of the Olympics wasn’t so damn frustrating) but I am anxious for a couple of story lines to develop.
1. The Office-Pam’s gonna have the baby! AHHHHH, so exciting. I wonder what’s going to happen there. Are they going to take her off the show for a little while, or are we going to see her and Jim develop as new parents? I miss her and Jim being cute together. I feel like they haven’t been so much lately.

2. Flash Forward-are they ever going to have new episodes? Or was that just the teaser? Grrr.

3. Grey’s Anatomy-apparently I don’t have to wait long. There is a new episode tonight, and they do a flashback of some of the doctor’s at the beginnings of their career. Hmm…I have very mixed feelings on this. I’ve been rewatching all the first few seasons, and it was just so much better then. I miss Old Grey’s.

But still, watching a new Grey’s will be better than tuning into the Olympics and having to sift through http://www.dietpillcomparison.net ads and waiting for the show to come on. Seriously, why are there commercials every five minutes??

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