Private Practice-Love Bites

The world has gone Vampire crazy! As a lover of all things Twilight, Vampire Diaries, and now the Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood series, I can relate. This episode of Private Practice where a 13 year old tells other girls he’s a vampire is kind of funny. Isn’t it scary that even young men are learning to manipulate women?! I mean, 13? Yikes.
Then there’s poor Naomi and Sam and their 15 year old knocked up kid. I wish I could say this only happens on tv but it is the reality of our world.
All I will say is there is no way that when I have kids that my 13 year old is reading Twilight til she’s older and can separate fantasy from fiction.

Oh, and I absolutely hate the storyline between Addison and Sam. Ew. Ew. Ew. The writers are making Addison so incredibly unlikeable! I still can’t believe that her and Sam shut the blinds in her office and made out, with her best friend/his ex WIFE a floor below them. Bleck.

Violet needs to take responsibility for her son. I really hope she does soon. Grrr….she’s soooo annoying.

This show is funny because it is intriguing yet infuriating. I miss it when Dell was just this sexy guy who’d take his shirt off to go to the beach, and Addison wasn’t such a ho. But Addison did look stunning in her dress, even if a bit like the statue of liberty. PS: I can’t BELIEVE she slept with Pete…she’s so repulsive. What the hell?! And then afterwards the way they both admit they’re in love with other people. I feel like sometimes these people are horny teenagers, not professional, adult doctors.
But if they were grownups, the show wouldn’t be that interesting would it?
I’m curious to see what will happen next for this group. All of their lives seem to be headed in a downward spiral.

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