The Sookie Stackhouse Series

I just started reading the Sookie Stackhouse series. These are the books that sparked the True Blood series and they are yet another vampire series so of course I had to read them. I’m still a bit up in the air on this series. They are a very quick read
(I’m already on to Club Dead), and the author writes Sookie as sort of a wise cracking southern belle. She’s telepathic which is pretty cool. I like her more than the ever complaining Miss Bella from the Twilight Series. I think what I don’t like is that in this series, the vampires are all kind of perverted and not all that great. In a way, the books are a lot more realistic because the vampires aren’t these perfect, shiny creatures who smell great all the time. While I don’t think I’ll be buying this series as mothers day gifts like I did the Twilight series for my mom, I do think I will finish the series and see what happens to the quirky Miss Stackhouse and her very odd world. I’ll give this one a B because it’s interesting, but the grammar and writing abilities of the author Charlaine Harris a C-.

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