The Vampire Diaries-Fool Me Once

The tomb was opened, and Damon finally got to take his Catherine. Only…she wasn’t there. There were a bunch of truly messed up vampires though, that looked like they could use about ten gallons of night cream. Anna manages to get her mother out, after using Elena as a little pick me up for her mom. YUCK.

The scene where Jeremy searches for vampires was intriguing. My theory? The memory trick didn’t work on him, and he’s on to Anna, and the rest of them. Go Jeremy, way to get a clue!

I was sad for Bonnie’s loss of her Gram, but amazed by her acting. She’s a great little crier that one. Definitely believable.

As for Elena and Damon’s little moments…that’s a sticky one. Poor Stefan-he’s always competing with his brother over a girl. Why can’t he just be the only one? I feel for him. At the same time, Damon is so sexy, I can see Elena’s struggle with that. Hmmmmm. The love triangle is developing further.

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