Workout Room

This weekend I took advantage of all the free time I had and started organizing our spare room. I worked on building a desk and clearing out the clutter. Now I have big open space in the back that I’m going to use as a workout room/office. I’m hoping to set up my laptop there, streaming workout dvds. I may just get into wedding shape by October without having to resort to harmful, yet effective weight loss supplements I’m always hearing about. I figure if I have a workout room, I can stop all the excuses like not having the time or energy to drive to the gym. Plus D’s excited about it, since he no longer has as much time to get to the gym. Wish me luck, hopefully the new room will be the motivation I needed. That or I need to print a bunch of my worst looking photos and put them all over the room to motivate myself to get back in shape. 😉

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