Clean House-The Duplex Edition

I was watching Clean House on the Style Network the other day, and it amazes me how bad people can let their clutter get. How do people live that way? Now both D and I have a bit of OCD, so our place is by no means messy, but the closet spaces are starting to get out of hand. We moved from a fairly spacious 1 bedroom apartment that had a garage to a 2 bedroom duplex with a small shed. There is a lot more closet space in our duplex, but we lost the garage. When we first moved in, we sort of threw everything into the second room to go through later. Now that we’ve organized the other rooms, I’m finally tackling that spare room. It started out as the dumping ground for all of our junk, from spare flash drives, computer parts, and old clothes, to our exercise equipment and craft stuff.

A huge help in the battle of organizing was getting a desk. I finally got this great desk with lots of storage drawers. We also picked a function for the room. Instead of the “junk room” it is now the office/workout room. We even have an exercise ball that doubles as the desk chair. I’m not all the way finished organizing, but I’ve made a big dent in the mess. The only issue I have now is parting with old clothes. Do I really need a dress that I wore once, in 2006? I think it’s time to get a goodwill bag ready. I guess I do have something in common with those messy Clean House people after all!

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