Grey's Anatomy-Bring Back the Excitement

I keep watching Grey’s Anatomy, but the whole show has lost so much of its luster. It doesn’t help that on the weekends I’ve been watching the second season of Grey’s, when it was still great.  When Meredith and Derek had a ton of spicy chemistry, when George was alive and not some sniveling Chief’s Intern, and when Izzie was whiney, but she was with Alex, and they had that chemistry. Oh and Burke, my beloved Burke was there.

These days on Grey’s, MerDer have zero chemistry. Like me, Meredith looks like she could use a good eye cream for dark circles. Maybe it’s all the stress of her job. Or maybe it’s the lack of a good storyline for her and McDreamy. When did he stop being McDreamy and start being McBoring?

I haven’t recapped episodes because frankly I feel there’s not much to recap. I hate the whole storyline of Little Grey and Alex. I just don’t have any sympathy for her when she realizes that McSteamy is really moving on. Well guess what? You lost your chance at being with him. Here was Mr. Amazing and you BROKE UP WITH HIM. Lexie, you are the world’s biggest idiot. And that hair? No. Just…no.

The only storylines I care about are Bailey and her sexy stud, and the Callie/Arizona issue. Bailey, you go girl! You looked all adorable all dressed up, and I love how your man told you what was up. I’m sad that Arizona dropped the bomb on Callie that she doesn’t want kids. I was as surprised as Callie to learn that one, give Arizona’s pediatric specialty.

But those two storylines are not going to carry the show. I did like the line that Meredith gives to Owen when she notices he’s jealous of Teddy and Sloan. “You were jealous. It took a long time to make Cristina happy and if you mess with that, I will turn on you.” I love that they always have each other’s backs. I need a best gal pal like that.

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