How I Met Your Mother-Hooked

Oh.My.God. The cuteness of this episode was enough to cripple me. D and I have a thing about pigs. It’s this inside joke, and I will just say, it has to do with his (and my soon to be) last name. We always joke around about pigs. So this week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother quickly went down as my absolute favorite, at least my favorite storyline involving Barney.

The basic theme of the episode was how everyone at some point has either left someone on the hook, or been left on it. The hook meaning the person thinks eventually they’re going to have a change to date the other person, and they’re just hanging out on the hook waiting. I know I’ve personally done it and had it done to me. It sucks! You become this miserable little puppy following the other person around.

HIMYM does this great montage of Ted giving this girl foot rubs, feeding her chocolate cake, cuddling. Then it flashes to him and a girl he’s got on the hook, and she’s doing all of those things for him. It’s hilarious! So then Marshal points out to Lily how her ex Scooter is still on the hook, and how she has to tell him once and for all that he doesn’t have a chance with her.

That’s when Barney’s storyline comes in. He says that in order to entice a girl back to your place, you need bait. For Ted, it’s his antique art collection or borrowing a book. For Barney, he found the perfect bait-a teacup pig. I squealed along with Robin, Lily and Marshal as they all said, “You have a teacup pig ohmygosh a teacup pig!” I so want one. So freaking cuddly and adorable!! Ted borrows the teacup pig to try to bait Tiffany, played by Carrie Underwood. That whole storyline doesn’t really work out. It just shows Ted being a jerk to the girl he’s got on the hook, while Tiffany is a jerk to Ted, and then her boyfriend is a jerk to her. It’s a vicious jerk cycle.

My favorite part of the episode is when Marshal borrows the teacup pig, and uses it as practice for Lily to learn how to let Scooter off her hook once and for all. See, Scooter has these adorable puppy dog eyes and when she tries to tell let him off the hook, she can’t because he’s got that adorable sad face. He makes her look the little teacup pig in the eye and tell him off. I wish there were clips of that scene to share with you because it’s hysterical. The dramatic music as they zoom in on the cuteness that is the teacup pig. Lily crumbles and always ends with, “We can’t be together…right now.”

Have you ever hooked someone or been the hookee? How adorable are teacup pigs? Where can I get one???

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