How I Met Your Mother-Of Course

This is the episode where Robin finally stops looking like a train wreck. I’m excited that the writers have finally acknowledged that her character was gross.  Well, they didn’t use those exact words but the storyline sheds some light on how Robin’s been doing the last few months. She’s been going through her mourning period over Barney, and dealing with the hurt of having to see her ex all the time, and hear him talk about his lady conquests.

Marshall realizes how much of a jerk he’s been by accidentally rubbing it in Robin’s face. HIMYM once again scores a big hit with the little ditty Marshall makes up called, “Bang Bang Bangity Bang”. Here’s a little clip. I warn you, it’s catchy and you’ll find yourself singing it around the house.

Barney realizes he’s been insensitive and he plans the “Superdate” he was supposed to go on for Robin and her new crush Don. And Robin gets her bangity bang on! I got back some of my affection for Robin because I really felt for her in this episode. Barney showed that he really is a good guy deep down. Oh, and Jennifer Lopez guest starred as a self help book writer, “Take a Look at Yourself You Dumb Slut” (possibly the greatest title, EVER), but I loved that she wasn’t over the top. Like a lot of the guest stars on HIMYM she blended in and didn’t take over the show. I love how when Robin is interviewing her, she talks about her next book coming out, about finances called, “Take a Look at Your Finances You Dumb Slut”. Hehehee.

It was a good episode, but I’m still ready for Ted to have a bigger storyline. He needs to jump start his dating again.

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