Parenthood-Deep End of the Pool

I was watching Parenthood while taking a break from work and I have to say, I really do love this show. I hope it makes it past the tremulous first season trial period. Hopefully those producers over at NBC will take into account everyone who watches streaming video of last night’s episode. I can’t stay up past ten anymore. When I do, I have to make sure I have the best eye cream for wrinkles because I get bags like you wouldn’t believe! Anyways, back to the show.

This week’s episode touched on a couple of things that I’ve noticed with today’s parenting techniques. Now I’m not a parent, so I know I really have no room to talk, but I do have some ideas about how I want to raise my kids. I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in recent years that I’ve nicknamed “phoofy” parenting. It’s all about the kids and being comfortable with who they are, and letting the kids basically have free rein. I’m all for kids being comfortable, but breaking out of that comfort bubble is ok too.

In the beginning of the episode, Julia stops by the YMCA to watch her daughter and husband in swim class. This is the phoofy parenting part. Joel says they’re just getting Sydney acclimated to the water, so even though she’s been in swim lessons for weeks, all she can do is blow bubbles in the water. I think Julia has ever right to be frustrated with this “technique”. She comes back to the pool the next week and tries to teach Sydney how to swim. She tells Sydney to swim to her, and Sydney gets scared and starts sinking, but she does kick to the surface and swims for the first time. Julia tells her how good she did but Sydney is freaking out because she wasn’t in her comfort zone. All the other moms look at Julia like she’s just tried to kill her child.

I think this is just RIDICULOUS. I mean, Julia did nothing wrong. Phoofy parenting on the rest of the group’s part in my opinion. I plan on raising my kids old fashioned style, and I think they could use a little more tough love than what I’ve seen out there in the world lately.

There was of course a lot more to the episode but that’s what resonated with me the most. I also hate this Raquel person who is getting way too familiar with Julia’s husband Joel. I want to bitch slap her! This show is just so great and real and exactly what we need in programming today. I hope everyone tunes in to watch!

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