Private Practice-Triangles

Why do I keep watching this show? It makes me mad every single time! Finally Addison makes some good choices, she chooses Pete (yay!) and she and Sam agree they should just be friends finally. Then Naomi walks in on Addison leaning on Sam and holding his hands. She assumes the worst, and storms out saying, “Shame on you!”. I agree, shame on Addison for ever attempting a relationship, but damnit Nay, she didn’t do it! She wasn’t the whore we all think she’s become. Grrr…This show. I still watch it though-it hooks me and sucks me in no matter how much of a soap opera it becomes. Anyone else find it nasty that they pass each other around like sexual partner hot potato? First Pete and Violet, then Pete and Addison. Then Sheldon and Violet, now Sheldon and Charlotte. Ew. Ew. Ew.

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