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I’ve taken way too long to blog about The Office’s milestone episode two weeks ago, The Delivery. I guess it’s because I was really frustrated with the entire episode. For once it wasn’t Michael being annoying and over the top, it was Pam. Pam had taken her prenatal vitamins, she’d done her research on childbirth. She was ready. No, she was actually incredibly scared and completely unreasonable. She flat out refuses to go to the hospital because she’s scared of giving birth. I can sympathize because giving birth scares the crap out of me. But be reasonable Pam! The writers have really turned Pam and Jim from this adorable and loving couple into complete jerkfaces. I said it. The beloved PJ are now turd sandwiches. Hopefully the writers get it together and make them back into the love-able couple we rooted for from day 1.

There were a few sweet moments, like this one of Pam, Jim, and their little girl. I hated the way it was revealed that they were having a girl, how Pam just blurts it out. It should have been special, but it wasn’t. Again, writers dropping the ball on great moments. Pam didn’t turn into a sweetheart after the birth either, like I was hoping she would. She was still crabby. About the only time I laughed during their story was when she accidentally nursed another baby. AWKWARD!!!

I loved Dwight and Angela’s side story about deciding to have a baby and coming up with a contract. I love how Dwight insists that they will have a boy because he put it in writing. I do hope Dwight and his monkey get back together. Angela is just too douchy without him. But the whole scene showing Dwight ripping apart the Halpert’s kitchen was over the top insane and ridiculous. I am hoping the season shapes up because right now I’m not impressed.

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