The Oscars 2010

The Oscars are not something I wait anxiously for, but they are entertaining to watch. I spent the evening curled up with D half watching and half surfing the internet for things like a new epson receipt printer for the home office. I sat up and took notice when Taylor Lautner and Kirsten Stewart went on stage. Kirsten always looks so bored and unhappy to be on stage. Um, aren’t you an actress? Aren’t you happy to be famous? If not, stop acting!! And then when she just straight up had a huge hacking cough on stage? Terrible!!

The most noteable of the night was Sandra Bullock winning for Best Actress. She gave a beautiful and gracious speech and she looked like a classic Hollywood movie star in her dress. She gets best dressed for the night in my book. I really need to watch The Blind Side after seeing all of the clips for the movie. It looked like Bullock really gave her best performance. But was it just me or did she seem kind of upset when they called her name? Maybe it was because she just didn’t expect it. Maybe it was because she was nervous, but her face when she first won just didn’t look very happy. I half expected a bad speech, but then she got up there and gave the best speech of the night!

The best picture going to The Hurt Locker just bugged the crap out of me. Given, the academy didn’t have much to go on this year. The nominees weren’t all that great, and I didn’t actually see any of the other movies, but The Hurt Locker was crap in my opinion. Yes it was topical, yes there were some intense moments, but overall it was just a moody movie about a shitty guy who happens to be a soldier. To me, the message of the film is that there are some men who are bad at being dads and are just addicted to adrenaline.

Now on to the most entertaining things for me, the worst dressed.  Sarah Jessica Parker’s dress. D had the best quote for it:
Hello this is Potato, you’re wearing my sack!” Hehehe. The top was fairly pretty, and her makeup was beautiful, but the rest of the dress? Ew. She has a great figure, show it off!

Miley Cyrus looked like she was stuffed into her gown. Her broad shoulders made her look like a linebacker in a dress. I do not approve.

Zoe Saldana could barely move in her dress. The top is ok, but what the heck happened to the bottom? It looks like fake carnations, or possibly cupcake frosting. Either way, not a dress.

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