The Pup and the Cat

D and I went for a walk yesterday and we got to talking about his old cat, who is now his parent’s kitty. He moved back home after college and brought his cat with him. His parents fell in love and it just seemed mean to take the cat back, and to move it to an apartment with our dog, instead of letting him have his huge backyard at the parent’s house. They’ve since brought home a dog of their own, but a puppy so the dog and cat have gotten used to each other. Yet the damn cat still runs for the hills every time we bring our dog over to visit. We were saying how nice it would be for the two of them to become friends.
D then launched into this whole idea of me writing a children’s book about our mischievous pup and his headstrong cat becoming friends. I’m sure there are tons of books out there like that. But wouldn’t it be great if I could write the book and actually get it published? Make a franchise for the puppy and kitty, where we sold everything from custom tote bags to teeshirts, to a cartoon. But even just the book would be nice. So I don’t know…maybe I’ll give it a shot. If anything, it’d be cool to have for my kids to read one day.

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