Brothers & Sisters-Why Do I Keep Watching??

There’s just something about this show that draws me in. The Walker Family has all of these ridiculous problems and every week there is a new drama. Yet I can’t stop watching. Even when I get so fed up with the characters. Take Robert and Kitty. I can’t stand their stupid political agendas. Just focus on your adorable baby! Why do you need to be a Senator Kitty? You almost DIED. UGH. If I watched her while being hooked up to a finger pulse oximeter I’m pretty sure my blood pressure would be sky high. But then there is Sarah and Luc who I love. I was so glad she wasn’t pregnant in last night’s episode because that would have been absurd. But I love how Luc responded. “I was excited. It was the first time I’ve been excited about the possiblity that someone was pregnant with my baby.” Well put Frenchie!
Oh and Justin? Get over your dumb call to serve urges and go hang out with your hot wife! She wants to make a home with you and all you can do is talk about leaving her for war? Selfish much?? I am so annoyed but you know I will tune in next week. Maybe the Walkers just make me feel better about my own family. At least we don’t have their issues!

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