Still Life-Audio Book Review

Still Life by Joy Fielding. Here’s what the back of the book said:

Beautiful, happily married and the owner of a successful interior design business, Casey Marshall couldn’t be more content with her life. Until a car slams into her at almost fifty miles an hour, breaking nearly every bone in her body, and plunging her into a coma. Lying in her hospital bed, Casey realizes that although she is unable to see or communicate, she can hear everything. She quickly discovers that her friends aren’t necessarily the people she thought them to be – and that her accident might not have been an accident at all. As she struggles to break free from her living death, she begins to wonder if what lies ahead could be even worse.

I was interested in Still Life because the idea of comas fascinates me. We don’t really know exactly what someone in a coma goes through. She never suspects her husband because he never took out an expensive life insurance policy for her. He pretended he didn’t know about her rich father, and he even suggested she sign a prenup. Turns out he was a lying turd. This book’s dialogue was weak at best. I liked it at first, but then it just dragged on. Casey kept wondering where she was for about half of the book. I get it, she’s confused, but COME ON. And her lame sister Drew just pissed me off throughout the entire book. I only finished this book because I wanted to know what would happen at the end. I wasn’t surprised in the least, and I don’t recommend this book at all. It gets 1 star because the premise is exciting. Bleck.

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