Brothers & Sisters-Love All

The storyline between Rebecca and Justin really resonated with me this week. Justin is struggling with figuring out what kind of career he wants and he keeps thinking about going back into the army. What gets me about it is that D sometimes talks about joining the military when he’s struggling with his career ideas. He’s never had a true dream and all he wants is a solid career where he feels he’s contributing and a part of something. I can completely understand his frustration. My heart went out to Rebecca as Justin told her how he was feeling. She had that same look I must get when D talks to me. Even her words, “don’t you dare” are what I’ve said to D many times regarding military. I respect so much of what the men and women soldiers do out there, but I don’t want that life for my family. Hopefully the writers find something for Justin. Maybe he should be a nurse instead of a doctor. As for D, I hope he finds the career for him, and soon. I hate that helpless feeling.

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