Brothers & Sisters-On the Road Again

Things are looking up for the Walker clan. They’ve struck water at Narrow Lake and everyone is excited. Justin and Rebecca are still having some issues, but they’re trying to deal with them (sigh…when are they not having issues?). As the family drives home, each group in separate cars, an accident happens. Justin and Rebecca arrive on scene and see to their horror that they’re loved ones were involved. They rush to help, and it seems that Kevin, Scotty and Nora are all ok. Saul has some severe cuts and when Kevin goes to help him, Saul yells, “No don’t touch me, you can’t!” It’s that moment that we as the viewers as well as Kevin, Scotty and Nora realize that Saul’s HIV test, which he had taken earlier and got the results from (and lied about to Nora) was in fact positive. That was a sad moment for the Walkers, but not nearly as sad as the McCalisters story.

Justin rushes to Kitty’s car, where Robert is badly injured. He’s going to help, but then Rebecca screams for him and says it’s her mom in the other car. Robert tells Justin to go. He looks at Kitty and says, “When we brought Evan home from the hospital, I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to keep up. But then I saw you holding him. So strong, so loving. And I knew that you would.” I bawled when he said that, because that was the last thing he says, before he goes lifeless. Kitty is left screaming for him, and realizes that he’s gone.

What a way to go out for the season. I’ve read that Rob Lowe is leaving the show, so he does in fact die. I’m sorry to see him go, but I have to say I wasn’t a huge fan of the McCalisters and their political ambitions. I’d like to see Kitty be a real mom, and I’d love to see her eventually get together with that cute widow she almost had an affair with. I used to love Robert when he first got together with Kitty. The man looks like he should be a men’s polo shirts model. He’s so all american and drop dead handsome. But they turned him into an absolute jerk after his heart attack. Yeah yeah he stands by her when Kitty gets cancer and yeah they renew their vows, but honestly, I stopped carrying about him. I think he made the right choice leaving before he faded into the woodwork like poor Julia did. Scotty is a much more loveable spouse and Robert just doesn’t compare.

I’m looking forward to next season, but I’m thinking this show doesn’t have many seasons left in it.

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