Grey's Anatomy-Death and all his Friends

Best Episode in YEARS! My palms were sweaty, my heart was racing. A shooter, loose in Seattle Grace. Shooting surgeons cold blooded. One of the Mercy West doctors died in the first scene. Alex, my beloved Alex, gets shot and manages to drag himself to the elevator.

The shooter was out for revenge against the doctors who unplugged his brain dead and comatose wife. He wanted Shepard, Weber, and Lexie Grey dead because they did what they were supposed to do.

When Derek gets shot, watching Meredith’s face I couldn’t help but bawl. Cristina tries to protect Mer from going out there to help him, but she shoves her out of the way and runs to his side. She tells him that she can’t live without him, that if he dies, she will die. Poor Meredith-finally happy, finds out she’s pregnant and is actually happy about it, and now her husband is shot. The whole time I’m watching I’m thinking, if they kill off Derek I will never watch this show again.

Then my badass Cristina steps up. She says she’s going to perform surgery on Derek. She really is going to be a cardio god.

Meanwhile Alex is dying, while Sloan and Little Grey try to save him. As Little Grey tells Alex she loves him, my heart broke as Alex said, “Izzie? You came back?” Ahhhhh! I felt so bad for him. Stupid Katherine too big for her britches Heigl. She sucks! I really hope the writers don’t kill off Alex. At the same time, it’s hard for me to see him with anyone but Izzie Stevens. The writers should have killed her off so all of us fans would stop wishing she’d come back.

Being one of my favorite episodes, I love that one of the guest stars is Mandy Moore, one of my favorite actresses. She’s a strong character and is there for Bailey when they realize they can’t help the other Mercy West doctor who gets shot.

While Cristina starts surgery, she tells Meredith she has to stay out of the room on the ground. Owen comes in, searching for Cristina and not only finds her, but finds her with a gun pointed at her head. The shooter in his deranged state is screaming at her to stop trying to save Sheppard. This was by far the most intense scene on the show. Avery does some quick thinking and takes the sensors off of Sheppard to show that he’s flatlining. Mer doesn’t know the sensors are off and thinks he died. The poor thing collapses in shock. Meanwhile Owen had tried to jump the shooter and gets shot in the shoulder.

Meredith runs off to help him, while Cristina works to save Sheppard. As Meredith is helping Owen, she realizes she’s having a miscarriage. It was so sad because she was overjoyed when she first found out. Even though it was a sad moment, it was completely understandable. That level of stress on a new fetus. How could it possibly survive?

As this is all happening, Weber finds a way into the hospital, to try to save his people. He has a standoff with the shooter, and he confronts him. He tells him he has lived, that he is ready to die. He says, the question is, are you? a gunshot goes off, but we don’t see who was killed.

Typical Grey fashion, the happy come with the sad. Sheppard’s heart starts beating, Callie and Arizona get back together, and we see Weber standing on the catwalk. Alex is hooked up to the monitors and it looks like he’s going to pull through. Besides the two Mercy West doctors, the only other loss it seems, is at the end of the episode, when Meredith looks sadly at the pregnancy test and throws it away. 🙁

BEST EPISODE since the bomb threat!

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