Grey's Anatomy-Shiny Happy People

I liked the storyline between the burn victims. When the best friend says, “Just be real with me!” it was such a good moment. They laughed about people that complain about wanting acne scar removals when they have horrible scars all over their faces. “I can’t watch romantic comedies anymore. Try having half your face burned off, see what a pretty woman you’ll be then!” I loved that they could laugh about their situation.

As far as the storyline between Meredith and Cristina, I liked that the two didn’t just get mad and stop talking to each other. It showed some real growth on both their parts.

There are so many love triangles happening in this hospital it’s hard to keep them all straight. Lexie is dating Alex, but she’s still in love with Mark. Mark is sleeping with anything that breathes, but still loves Lexie. Owen is dating Cristina but is in love with Teddy. It took the adorable reunited elderly couple for Cristina to realize how Owen felt. It’s sad to see what is happening with them, because I really liked their relationship.

I adore the sensitive side of Mark, but I’m mad at him for taking so long to tell Lexie. I don’t want to see Alex get his heart broken yet again. I keep hoping by the end of this series Izzie will get off her high horse and come back to the show so they can end up together. I seriously loved the two of them. Oh, and poor Callie. She loves Arizona so much. Why can’t Arizona just want kids?

Ironically, the only happy couple in the whole hospital are Derek and Meredith. I’m glad the writers have finally stopped those two from fighting, because it was getting old.

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